Sunset View Cemetery Notice:

In order to preserve the peace and appearance of the cemetery, and out of respect for the people buried here, the following rules are in effect:

  • Monuments must fit within the plot, and are limited to 36 inches in height from the ground.
  • Tributes must be within the grave site boundaries. As tributes deteriorate, they will be removed.
  • Flowers and tributes may be planted and/or displayed within 8 inches of the monument. Guidelines for specific tributes shall be at the discretion of the Board.
  • No stripping of grass from graves.
  • Do not leave alcohol or open beverage containers on graves.
  • No glass containers of any kind.
  • No lights of any kind.
  • No floral vases, vase hangers, wreathes, or decorations of any kind may be attached to niche doors.
  • Permanent plantings (trees, shrubbery) require the approval of the Board.
  • Parking permitted on road only, Do Not Park on grass.

Please treat this hallowed ground respectively…no loitering or partying.

For more information contact the cemetery administrator at 376-5833.

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